My Guiding Principles

What makes me who I am

Be Fearless

Fear stops us from realizing our full potential. Hence, I always face challenges with courage and I believe nothing is impossible. I am motivated by challenges.

Be Water

I perfectly agree with Bruce Lee when he says "Be water". I am not rigid towards change, I continuosly improve myself and adapt to changing market demands and new trends.

Be Loving

I strive to create a positive impact where ever I find myself be it my professional teams, family, community etc. I work on creating stronger and happy relationships through kindness and love.

Frontend Development

I love to code elegant interfaces to invoke amazing user experiences

  • HTML5/CSS/Bootstrap
  • Js/Jquery
Frameworks that I use
  • React js
  • Sass

Backend Development

I like working on applications to create a secure and fast backend

  • Node Js
  • Mongo DB
Frameworks that I use
  • Express Js


I design intuitive user interfaces that is informed by a researched user experience process

  • 3+ years Experience
Tools I use
  • Adobe illustrator
  • Corel draw


Projects Completed


Happy Clients


AdGeek was a startup I cofounded and although I handled growth most of the time, I also worked on design and frontend
View it here

Button Generator

This is one of the small apps I worked on after learning React js. Its to help users design and generate simple buttons to be used in their emails
View it here

Todo App

This a more advanced react app with TDD approach. I used redux to manage state and firebase for database management. It has authenticaation using Github Oauth.
View it here

Node js

The Complete Node.js Developer Course - Udemy

Restful API

The Complete Guide to Build Restful APIs with Node.js - Udemy

Mongo DB

The Complete Developer Guide for Mongo DB - Udemy

React JS

Complete React Web Developer Course - Udemy

Google Adwords

The ultimate Google Adwords training course - Udemy


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